Hello world!

Hello world!

Peter Golightly here! Milwaukee born Detroit raised American artist living in Japan. This is my first entry to my first blog, and I‘m hoping like all of you old hands out there, that my blog and I will evolve for the better. Please bare with me, and send me some advise.

My Swedish sister Ami, is helping to get me started, but last night we had some seriously slow internet movement. So after little more than introducing me to WordPress.com, we kind of had to call it a night (morning).

At the moment, I’m living in western Kyoto. I’m still dancing, choreographing, singing, composing, writing and acting.
And this is where this blog hopefully can be of help.

I teach dance, singing and acting in Kyoto and Kurakuenguchi (near Kobe). I also plan to expand the number of classes and to begin holding performance events (like the old “Dance de Gozansu” open stage events I held at the KyoRyuKan during the late 1990s and early 2000s, from this autumn. I think that the first events like my dance classes will take place in Kyoto’s, BatteringRam.

I’m hoping that this blog will be a way to spread the news, and help put me back in touch with some old friends and open the circle up to admit some new.

The first event is already on the books, and there is even a beautiful flier (thanks to Aya Papaya my lovely sister and singing partner) unfortunately, I’ll have to wait for Ami to show me how to post it here.

But in meanwhile:
August 18~21 I’ll be running dual Musical Theater Workshops here in Kyoto at the BatteringRam event space. Mornings 9~12 I’ll be working with 6~12 year olds, and evenings 6:30~9:30 with adults. Both groups will be working on my mimi-musical, “Monster Time“. We’ll be working on Dance, Singing, and acting, as well as some prop and costume construction. The play is in English, but the lessons will be bi-lingual. The plays will be performed on the last day.

So How about it? Let’s spend part of our summer together creating art, and making new friends.

Yoroshiku and here we go!



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