It’s been a while….

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

After finally getting my blog up and going, I promptly let it go to seed.
Ultimately, I’d just about forgotten about it. Well After almost a full year,
I’m back. Much happened. The “Musical-in-a-Movie” project, “Ashita Tenshi ni Naare” that I wrote the music for, and choreographed, is well on its way to
completion. We filmed that dance sequences on the 23rd of May.
I’ve got a few other projects up and coming including a performance with
Christopher Fryman, a long time friend and collaborator, at Kyoto’s Urban Guild
in mid July, and my own “solo Live” performance also in Kyoto at the Battering Ram in late August or early September.

I’ve also written another musical play for kids!
This years project is “Caps For Sale” a musical based on
Esphyr Slobodkina’s children’s book of the same name.
I’m planning to hold at least one (5 day) work shop this August.

I’m also starting three new classes in Osaka at
Studio Constantinople in Honmachi, Osaka.
Hopefully I will be adding new adult lessons to
myKyoto schedule soon as well.

Well this is a start for bringing my blog back to life!
Yoroshiku, and enjoy!


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